Working together for conservation of national endemic plants in Macedonia (2019 - 2022)

This three-year project that POLYMATH 13 is implementing as a local partner of the Macedonian Ecological Society started in April 2019. The aim of the project is to update the data on the distribution of plants, which will provide insight into their population and will update the information on the status of the Important Plant Area "Bogdanci" At the same time, work will be done on the popularization of the area with special emphasis on the rare plant Astragalus physocalyx. 

The project is financially supported by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF).

Enhancing Dojran Lake Unique Biodiversity through Engagement of all Stakeholders and Implementation of Ecosystem – Based Approaches

POLYMATH 13 together with the municipality of Dojran is a local partner of Milieukontakt Macedonia, the association that implements this project and whose goal is to establish sustainable management of the Dojran Lake Nature Monument. The project includes direct activities for conservation and protection of endangered species. Also, this project covers the issues of lake water quality and disturbance of species and their habitats.

The project is financially supported by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF).

Aarhus chair (2020)

The project "Aarhus Chair" is regranted within the national project "Capacity building of the environmental civil society organizations to increase democratic processes in Macedonia" implemented by Milieukontakt Macedonia and Environmental engineers Association, funded by the European Union.

The aim of the project is to improve environmental management through increasing the knowledge and participation of stakeholders in decision making in the municipality of Bogdanci. Through a series of activities in this project POLYMATH 13 will strive for greater involvement of the civil sector in the decision-making processes in the field of environment. Within the project, the brochure "Guide to the Aarhus Convention on Local Self-Government"  has been prepared, which contains an overview of the Aarhus Convention, with a special focus on the obligations of local governments arising from it.

Eco playful picture book (2020)

The aim of the project is to educate children and youth from the municipality of Bogdanci for the application of habits and good behavior towards the environment. The association POLIMAT 13 within the project "Eco playful picture book" made a picture book for children up to 8 years old. The activities in the project, which due to the situation with the Kovid-19 virus were adapted to the situation, were implemented on the territory of the municipality of Bogdanci. Every child who attends kindergarten or is a student up to third grade in one of the primary schools in the municipality of Bogdanci received as a gift the picture book „Beekeeping Notebook“.

Also, the association made a video from the picture book which has a sign language interpretation and thus will reach the children with hearing impairment, and to whom the association through the Institute for Rehabilitation of Children with Hearing Impairment from Bitola gave picture books and USB sticks with the video from the picture book.

If the youngest ones are instilled with values ​​that contribute to the development of love for nature, animals and plants, they will develop into individuals who treat nature with respect, use it as a source of life resources, but to the same extent. they reciprocate, nurture and preserve our environment.

The project is financially supported by the NM Rural Development Network, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the We effect foundation.

Rural municipalities and residents build mutual trust and life in the local community (2018 - 2019)

POLYMATH 13 implemented this project in partnership with the Rural Coalition Kumanovo during 5 months in the municipalities of Bogdanci and Krivogashtani with wide involvement of local self-government units, civil society organizations, local communities and interested citizens.

The activities included analysis of the situation, capacity building and development of Strategies for cooperation of the municipalities of Bogdanci and Krivogashtani with the civil sector. For the needs of analyzing the situation, questionnaires were prepared which were submitted and answered by representatives of the municipalities, civil society organizations and local communities. Three trainings were conducted which the respondents in the questionnaires pointed out as the most necessary for their better work: Project cycle, Monitoring and evaluation and Strategic planning. The preparation of the strategic documents was conducted through a participatory process in which representatives of municipalities, councils, local communities and civil society organizations participated.

This project was funded by the European Union as a grant for the project "National Rural Parliament as a voice of the rural population" implemented by the Foundation for Connecting Natural Values ​​and People, Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia and Rural Development Action.

Youth in Climate Action (2018)

The project "Youth in Climate Action" implemented by the Association for Development, Education and Environmental Ethics - POLYMATH 13 is funded by the MoEPP. POLYMATH 13 through the implementation of this project contributed to raising awareness of climate change among young people aged 13 to 17 years in the municipality of Bogdanci. Within the project, a brochure „Youth in Climate Action“ was developed for young people who want to expand their knowledge about climate change, as well as to motivate them to apply certain practices listed in it.

The need to implement this project arose from the perception that climate change is becoming more pronounced, and young people are affected by the growing threat of climate change. Young people in the municipality of Bogdanci are already feeling the effects of climate change. Some young people are very aware of the challenges that await them and future generations, and climate change is a problem that will define their lives and their future. Not only do young people have the right and need to face climate change, but they can do a lot to help. 

Effects and impacts of metal mines in the Republic of Macedonia (2018)

Within this project, an open database was created which is a basis for supporting the activities of civil society organizations and a reliable resource for investigative journalists.

The general goal of the project is to encourage and develop quality research by strengthening the cooperation between civil society organizations and journalists as a contribution to a better informed public in the Republic of Macedonia, and the specific goal is to provide opportunities for connecting CSOs and investigative journalists for quality research by accessing reliable sources of information to create an open database to improve investigative journalistic reporting and support the activities of civil society organizations. 

The project is regranted within the project "Investigative journalism to encourage reform" implemented by the Center for Civil Communications, NGO Infocenter and BIRN Macedonia, funded by the EU.

Implementation of the EU 2020 climate and energy package by building partnerships in the South-East planning region (2017)

The goal of the project is to strengthen the capacities of CSOs and environmental departments of the municipalities of the South-East Planning Region for the transposition and implementation of the EU 2020 climate and energy package, as well as establishing a network of civic organizations for information and monitoring of policies from the aspect of Environmental Protection. „ОВЖС и СОЖС постапки во Југоисточен плански регион“  со цел да ја претстави состојбата со процедурите на ОВЖС и СОЖС во Југоисточен плански регион од аспект на учество на јавност во процесот на одлучување во врска со животната средина, националните и меѓународните легислативи во однос на клима и енергија, како и да направи осврт на препораки и механизми за планирање и спроведување на истите.

The project established mechanisms for a sustainable partnership between CSOs and local authorities with regard to the implementation of the EU 2020 climate and energy package and public participation in environmental protection procedures for achieving sustainable development in the South-East planning region. The project is supported by Milieukontakt Macedonia, Kocka and Front 21/42 within the framework of the project "Strengthened CSOs for Participatory Transposition and Implementation of the EU 2020 Climate and Energy Package" funded by the European Union.

Strengthening the Civil Movement in the Municipality of Bogdanci (2016)

Polymath 13 successfully implemented the project Strengthening the Civil Society Movement in the municipality of Bogdanci, which aimed to strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations and agricultural cooperatives for their active participation in the decision making and policy making processes, as well as promoting the possibilities for cooperation of civil society organizations with local self-government. During the project, workshops were conducted for preparation of strategic and annual planning and training for project planning for three organizations: NGO Krug, FA Megdan and ZZ Agro-Bogdanci. The forum improved the communication and cooperation of the organizations with the local self-government, where representatives of the organizations and the municipal administration were present and completed the envisioned activities. The project was realized with financial support from the Municipality of Bogdanci. 

Be a beekeeper! (2016)

The goal of this project is to promote beekeeping as a branch that contributes positively to environmental protection by extending flora and creating an ecological balance in nature.

.Project Initiative Be a beekeeper! implemented by the organizations POLYMATH 13 from Bogdanci and AGRO - VINKA from Vinica, aims to affirm the potentials for the development of beekeeping and cooperation of stakeholders from different regions by encouraging initiatives in the municipalities of Vinica and Bogdanci for the sustainable use of natural resources for the development of beekeeping and encouraging cooperation among beekeepers through the exchange of experiences, knowledge and skills.
The project initiative is supported by the USAID Climate Change Adaptation Project implemented by the Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia and will contribute to the improvement on capacities of Rural Development Network member organizations and create partnerships for further joint implementation of activities in the field of rural development.

Connecting People with Nature - Strengthening and Networking of Civil Society Organizations in Macedonia (2015-2016)

In the course of 2016, Polymath 13, with cooperation with the Macedonian Ecological Society(MES) from Skopje, carried out activities related to promoting plant diversity in the Important Plant Area (IPA) "Bogdanci" and monitoring of the endemic plantAstaragalusphysocalyx, its habitat, population numbers and potential threats. The project aims to promote the plant diversity of certain areas of Macedonia through the involvement of citizens as volunteers for nature protection and undertaking actions that would contribute to the implementation of the EU regulations for preserving the Natura 2000 network. 

Project managers at the international levels were Plantlife, a nongovernmental organization from the United Kingdom, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).  In 2016, all partners undertook plant protection activities within 20 Important Plant Areas (IPA)in six countries (Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Montenegro, Turkey and Macedonia) and involved a large number of interested citizens, organizations, research institutions and others. 

  • Monitoring and mapping of globallyaffectedendemicplant Astragalus physocalyx
  • Organizing local events for affirmation and promotion of plant diversity in Bogdanci with a focus on the endemic plant Astragalus physocalyx
  • Organizing presentations and visits in nature for students in primary and secondary schools from Bogdanci.

Municipal Climate Change Strategies (2013-2014)

The Project of USAID Municipal Climate Change Strategies was implemented by Milieukontakt Macedonia in partnership with the Municipality of Bogdanci, Rural Development Network of the Republic of Macedonia, and Polymath 13. Within the project, the Strategy for Climate Change for the Municipality of Bogdanci 2014-2020 was prepared, which aimed to contribute towards greater resilience to climate change by improving the preparedness and ability to respond to the impact of climate change on a local level.The realization of this project was carried out through the Green Agenda method, which is a participatory method for creating and implementing local development strategies and plans. 

In order to build capacities for the local population, trainings and lectures were held so the community members actively engage in the processitself and implementation of the activities.

Within the framework of the Strategy for Climate Change of the Municipality of Bogdanci 2014-2020 two very important documents were prepared- a Climate Profile of the Municipality of Bogdanci and a Greenhouse Gas Inventory, a document that locates the sources of the greenhouse gas emitters in the municipality of Bogdanci.

An important component of the Green Agenda process was the implementation of both an emergency action and a pilot project, which both are priorities for the population itself and for the benefit of the entire community. In the municipality of Bogdanci, the emergency action was implemented with installing rooftop insulation in the kindergarten Kosta Pop Ristov Delchev, which improved the conditions for children in this kindergarten. The pilot project was implemented by constructing a new 500 m3 potable water resevoir, which improved the water supply in Bogdanci.3.


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